You Can Win – Even If You’Re Losing

As we have mentioned before, tournaments give the average player, using average bankroll, a chance to make the “big score.” That’s good news, for sure. the even better news is that you don’t even have to win money – real or play money – to win a tournament.

Remember what the essential parameters are in a competition like this – you only need to defeat the others who are playing against you. This is all worth mentioning because tournament strategy is different than the strategy you might take into a playing session in regular casino action; sometimes drastically different. This stems from the simple reality that sometimes it is not the player who wins the most that advances in or wins a tournament; it is the player who loses the least.

That’s why, if you have received some of earlier tips, particularly the ones about blackjack, we preach about using correct Basic Strategy decisions, not necessarily because you’re going to make money with those decisions, but sometimes because you’re going to lose less.

Some people who enter a tournament bet wildly because they are conditioned to believing that they have to post big numbers to have a chance; they figure they are in a race to the top of the money chart and have to get their with the biggest “pile.” This is not true. Because the odds often turn against the player, betting big is not always the most judicious strategy. Sometimes “slow and steady” wins the race. If everyone blows out their bankroll and you have $1 left, you are the winner. Talk to poker players – if you’ve got a chip and a chair…..well, you know the rest.